is a collection of information on the makers and producers of Gay Erotica from the early 1970's to the present day.

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What will be included and what will NOT be included.

Every attempt to keep the information accurate will be made. Dates of production, where published, known aliases, affiliations with other producers, will be included.

No real names, personal contact information, or personal information will be listed, without permission or published elsewhere within the "legitmate" press. If included, this information must be pertinent
to the final work or operations of the person or organization.

Current Projects for future additions:

COLT STUDIO - recompIling all information for a complete list.

FALCON STUDIOS - including all it's off-shoot studios.

Building and expanding the FILM LIBRARY

Updating all Publications Listings and move to the PRINT LIBRARY

All information is submitted to the ONE Institute in Los Angeles, USA. ONE Institute, houses one of the largest collections of Gay Erotica in the USA if not the world. Our efforts here will be used for their filing structure and database information.